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John Marcucci
Photo by David Clanton

John Marcucci, Ph.D.
Biographical Profile

John Marcucci has been exhibiting artists for the past five years as curator, director, and co-owner of Haley-Henman, a gallery that promotes the diversity of contemporary fine arts in the north central region of Texas.

His life-long interest in the arts began at the age of six when his first prize in an art competition was presented to him by Cardinal Cushing of Boston, and became part of the collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Although art programs were never a part of his grammar and high school curriculum, he independently continued his artistic interests, especially as a painter.  At Providence College he created sculptures, designed art exhibitions and installations, while concentrating in the natural sciences.

Matriculating at the University of Padua’s Faculty of Medicine and Surgery did not limit his art interests and afforded unique opportunities to experience the great art traditions, as well as new art movements in Europe. Graduating from Southern Methodist University as an anthropologist, specializing in Asian societies, particularly Southeast Asian, Dr. Marcucci further developed his aesthetic perspectives.

On the practical side, Dr. Marcucci also has eighteen years of retail experience in home furnishings, design and art.  In the corporate sphere, he researched social structures of work practice learning.  While on the community level, he applied innovative programming for refugee resettlement.

As a curator, Dr. Marcucci has participated as a juror for art associations and community based exhibits and serves on the Advisory Board of the Creative Arts Center. His diverse experiences drive Haley-Henman’s innovative programs that support and promote contemporary artists, particularly interactive conversations among artists and viewers, monthly meetings for artists, a collaborative, community based, site specific installation, and the integration of performing arts as part of exhibitions.  John Marcucci looks forward to incorporating these programs as Haley-Henman continues to grow in the areas of full service art consultation and the curating of special exhibitions.